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10 Life Lessons from an Unlikely Source by Kayla on ‘Think Simple Now’

This is a charming article about what we can learn from children. Click here for it.

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Giving Children Enough Space Just ‘To Be’. To Be OK with Who They Are – Month 7 of Learning at Home

Two great ideas dropped into my email inbox today – a post from a blog I follow, that I highly recommend and a ‘Psychology Today’ article. They are both about similar subjects – giving kids enough space. Click here for … Continue reading

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How much do you steer young unschooled kids towards your own interests if they aren’t yet clear about theirs? Month 4 of Learning at Home

I’m enjoying reading an unschooling blog in New Zealand. Jane recently posted a question in it: How do you know whether unschooling works? I love that she’s very sure of her approach; it gives me a lot of comfort! Jane … Continue reading

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Does hanging out with ‘other’ homeschooling tribes, and enjoying it, make me a coward, a terrible role model for my children or worse, morally bankrupt? Month 4 of Learning at Home

I’m getting some great comments on this post, please click on the post’s title and scroll to the bottom of the page to read them! And then please do add your own! I’ll try and reply on Saturday (it’s midnight … Continue reading

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Month 3 of Learning at Home – My First Ever Guest Blog! Please click through to read it…

FOREWORD: If you’re new to homeschoolingmiddleeast, welcome! I highly recommend that you start reading from ‘Day 1’. The fastest way to access this is to look for ‘Archives’ on the right hand side of the home page, click on ‘February … Continue reading

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