Un-Wednesday: Valuing Childhood

I love the quote, “Childhood is not preparation for anything. Childhood just is, and they only get one. It’s up to us to protect it” by Lester Laminack, found on Pinterest by ‘Hopeful Insights’.

I also like what ‘Hopeful Insight’ is doing with her kids – “Our kids ask a lot from us, whether it be material things, favors or time. But they also know they won’t always get the things they want because other people have needs/wants too and everyone, even the wealthiest people in the world, have limitations of certain resources (counting time, energy and desire as resources) they have to work within. I do think those lessons are valuable for adulthood.” Yes they are! And, as she says, very useful for living in the now!

One of the things I absolutely adore about the way we homeschool/unschool is the amount of time the kids and I have together which means lots of time to work out how to manage everyone’s needs and wants in a way that doesn’t leave anyone feeling bad. I think this is a really useful life school and one that just wouldn’t be practised often in a school environment or even a ‘school at home’ environment. It is really challenging, keeping everyone happy and informed about the ‘whys’ behind the things that have to be done (why I’d like to do certain things) but it’s really worth it!

Hopeful Insights

My daughter has been asked several times this week what she wants to be when she grows up. She answered honestly, saying she doesn’t know and that she changes her mind all the time. Right now she thinks working in fashion sounds fun, perhaps as a personal shopper but who knows if that will be appealing later.

Of course lots of children don’t know what career path they might choose but, as with so many other things, as unschoolers we are scrutinized more closely for this. There is an implication that if we aren’t working toward the standard goal of society then we damned sure better choose an acceptable one for ourselves. I think this stems from the broader assumption that childhood isn’t part of the “real world” and it’s a time whose exclusive purpose is preparation for this future reality.

But the future is not a guarantee. And when…

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Hi and welcome! My name is Penny and I used to live in Bahrain but In November 2012 moved to Dubai and now we live in Granada, Spain! If you want to contact me my email is pjmontford@hotmail.com. I recommend you start my blog on 'Day 1' but please enjoy whatever you dip into. 23 February 2012 marked the first day of no more school FOREVER for my two kids. Edward, who is nearly 10 had attended a variety of schools since he was very little. Petra, who is now 6, has never gone to school. On this date we decided Edward was never going back to school and Petra never would go to school. We hope to successfully homeschool from this day forward, although we would consider an alternative school as an option- if there was some amazing Sudbury or other really alternative school. Actually, I prefer the term 'home learning' than 'homeschool' because I don't like to think of school coming into our home. In fact, I hope to go further and guide/learn alongside, rather than teach, my kids using the 'unschooling' philosophy to instill a lifelong love of learning in them. We lived in the Middle East and now Spain all of which are very challenging places to home educate. This is an exciting journey that I used to blog about regularly, at first it was on an almost daily basis. Please join me on our travels and I hope we might be able to help each other out along the way. I certainly hope I can be a source of support and comfort and, in time, knowledge to all potential/presently participating homeschoolers/home educators/unschoolers. Good luck to us all! If you want to read about why I started home educating, why I pulled my son out of a 'very good' private school mid-term, how I felt at the very start and how my philosophy has evolved, please start from 'Day 1' of the blog. Please do post comments at the end of any days that you read. Your opinion is valuable and it's great to start up debate amongst other people commenting too, however old the post. Thank you for visiting homeschoolingmiddleeast.
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One Response to Un-Wednesday: Valuing Childhood

  1. Hope says:

    Wow, thank you so much for valuing my words enough to reblog! I’m honored. 🙂

    I completely agree that finding the balance to help everyone feel good about decisions would be MUCH more difficult in a more traditionally schooled environment. It’s hard enough as it its!

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