“Top Five Parenting Regrets” – hopefully some of these mitigated by homeschooling


I thought this was a short and sweet thought-provoking article. Are you going to share any of these regrets? Am I? I really don’t think so, in large part thanks to homeschooling. The author’s number 1 cited regret for many parents is ‘Spending too little time with your children’. I nearly skipped over that one, as a 24/7 homeschooling Mum, but then I stopped for a moment and thought – Is it possible to regret NOT spending more time doing something OTHER than 24/7 parenting?! Actually, I don’t think so and I have examined my consciousness about this. I am fulfilled spending just about every waking minute with my children (and a few sleeping ones too!)

I was slightly worried though about ‘Crumit’s comment underneath the article, “I love my parents for not hovering, and for giving me freedom. They had their own lives and took vacations by themselves and never acted as if I was the center of their universe. It made me feel independent and made adulthood look fun.”  As everyone who knows me knows, and that includes my regular blog readers, my kids are, without a shadow of a doubt, the centre of my universe. Fortunately, it’s the same for my husband. And the kids know it. In fact, our little family unit is the centre of our universe. I think this is OK, despite Crumit’s comment, and I’m glad that ‘Crumit’ feeling she wasn’t the centre of her parent’s universe didn’t make her feel bad, possibly to the point of ruining her life. But I do worry that my husband and I don’t make adulthood look sufficiently fun for our kids. My son always says he never wants to stop being a child, that being an adult looks so boring. His father’s all too frequent 90 hour work weeks don’t, surprisingly, attract him at all and I guess mothering looks too much like hard work, despite how much I enjoy it. I think I must do better at showing it!

However, my husband and I are endeavouring to somehow radically change our life in the next couple of years in a way that would make, we hope, adulthood look a lot more fun, a lot more meaningful and satisfying, so hopefully I can stop worrying about Crumit’s comment but it’s a good thing for someone like me to consider – make adulthood look fun whilst allowing the children to know both they and their childhood are cherished. Watch this space… 😉




About homeschoolingpenny

Hi and welcome! My name is Penny and I used to live in Bahrain but In November 2012 moved to Dubai and now we live in Granada, Spain! If you want to contact me my email is pjmontford@hotmail.com. I recommend you start my blog on 'Day 1' but please enjoy whatever you dip into. 23 February 2012 marked the first day of no more school FOREVER for my two kids. Edward, who is nearly 10 had attended a variety of schools since he was very little. Petra, who is now 6, has never gone to school. On this date we decided Edward was never going back to school and Petra never would go to school. We hope to successfully homeschool from this day forward, although we would consider an alternative school as an option- if there was some amazing Sudbury or other really alternative school. Actually, I prefer the term 'home learning' than 'homeschool' because I don't like to think of school coming into our home. In fact, I hope to go further and guide/learn alongside, rather than teach, my kids using the 'unschooling' philosophy to instill a lifelong love of learning in them. We lived in the Middle East and now Spain all of which are very challenging places to home educate. This is an exciting journey that I used to blog about regularly, at first it was on an almost daily basis. Please join me on our travels and I hope we might be able to help each other out along the way. I certainly hope I can be a source of support and comfort and, in time, knowledge to all potential/presently participating homeschoolers/home educators/unschoolers. Good luck to us all! If you want to read about why I started home educating, why I pulled my son out of a 'very good' private school mid-term, how I felt at the very start and how my philosophy has evolved, please start from 'Day 1' of the blog. Please do post comments at the end of any days that you read. Your opinion is valuable and it's great to start up debate amongst other people commenting too, however old the post. Thank you for visiting homeschoolingmiddleeast.
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4 Responses to “Top Five Parenting Regrets” – hopefully some of these mitigated by homeschooling

  1. Angel Selden says:

    I think it’s possible to have both, don’t you agree? I love cooking and experimenting with food, and I’m learning to play the ukulele, and I invite my children watch and/or participate in my adventures. I also have projects I’m working on that they can’t be involved in, but I talk about the exciting developments in those projects. Perhaps balance is the key, and understanding that there is a time and season for everything. When you have a new baby, every moment of your life revolves around that baby. As your kids get older, you have more time to do good outside your immediate family, or develop your own gifts. And your kids will gradually become more independent, without being pushed into it.

    • Hi Angel, I like ‘As your kids get older, you have more time to do good outside your immediate family’ – that is something to look forward to (and I hope I’m doing good inside my family right now, to avoid any of those regrets!) Thank you for this lovely comment. Penny

  2. Malcolm Tan says:

    Dear Homeschoolingpenny,
    Interesting Thoughts, I’m asking in general terms, not just with your kids.

    My regret is waiting so long to go to college but its almost a blessing at the same time, now my kids wont just hear about my college days but will going through them with me. Hopefully seeing my effort and determination will inspire them further.

    My parents never spoke of college. It wasn’t that important to them. My kids will all but be shoved through the doors!
    Kindest Regards

    • Hi Malcolm, Well done for pursuing your dream! You will be a great example to your kids of someone who values and enjoys lifelong learning! At first your comment sounded like you wanted to ask a question but I didn’t see one in there for me. I hope I didn’t miss anything. Very best wishes, Penny

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