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Unschooling Doubts, Reassurance and Golden Moments – Month 8 of Learning at Home

The kids and I have been having an interesting time over the last few weeks. Now that everybody’s back from summer holidays, we’ve been spending time with the lovely, small homeschooling community in Bahrain that we’ve only recently come to … Continue reading

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10 Life Lessons from an Unlikely Source by Kayla on ‘Think Simple Now’

This is a charming article about what we can learn from children. Click here for it.

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We’ll be living in Dubai by the end of October…

We’re moving to Dubai. We expect to be there by the end of October. Any homeschoolers living in the U.A.E. please do get in touch on this blog, or by email, and let’s get together! I am really going to … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Freedom and Dreams:
This is copied from Lauren Fisher’s blog (doesn’t seem to be a re-blog option sorry) It has lots of yummy quotes in it to inspire all wanna be unschoolers and remind the rest…

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Staying home is not the same thing as doing nothing worthwhile

I subscribe to a ‘Daily Inspire’ email from I get a lot of emails, especially now, from the discussions I follow on my history course, from comments to articles I read on the ‘Psychology Today’ site, blogs I follow … Continue reading

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Giving Children Enough Space Just ‘To Be’. To Be OK with Who They Are – Month 7 of Learning at Home

Two great ideas dropped into my email inbox today – a post from a blog I follow, that I highly recommend and a ‘Psychology Today’ article. They are both about similar subjects – giving kids enough space. Click here for … Continue reading

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If there was a school like this, I would seriously consider Petra attending!

This place looks AMAZING! I’m sorry I can’t reblog it, you will have to click on here to read more about it. I get so much hassle about not sending (just) 4 year old Petra to school but I have … Continue reading

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Modelling Learning at the Cutting Edge, Not Just Modelling Lifelong, Continuous Learning – Month 7 of Learning at Home

Yesterday, I was trying to listen to an introduction to my ‘History of the World since 1300’ course using headphones attached to my laptop. Of course the kids kept bugging me and I had to keep pausing and nudging the … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Letters from Nebby:
Dear Reader, The upcoming Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival is on Charlotte’s 13th principle which reads as follows: “In devising a SYLLABUS for a normal child, of whatever social class, three points must be considered:…

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The First Day of Improving My Own Education for the Benefit of My Children’s – Month 7 of Learning at Home

I’ve previously blogged about the ‘History of the World since 1300’ Coursera course and why I’m doing it here and my anxiety about whether it will take too much time away from my primary concern; homeschooling the kids, so I … Continue reading

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