You know you are a homeschooler when…

This is a fun list. Thanks to Anisa Asad of the ‘Bahrain Alternative Education and Homeschooling’ group for passing this one. I know and like ‘I’m homeschooled and I have friends!’ but I haven’t seen this before.

You know you are a homeschooler when…


…Learning isn’t an obligation- it’s a desire.

…You can memorize your library card number in twenty seconds- and your sisters’ too.

…You’re reading one novel for Literature, another for Additional History, a third for Additional Religion- and, but only sometimes- a fourth for Leisure Reading.

…You get movies from the Library about composers, artists, inventors, and the Shroud- and watch them for whatever subjects you can make them fit, that you have for the day.

…You have mold growing in your fridge: on purpose

…Art is everyday- or, if it’s not, you do it anyway.

…Science is picking and arranging wildflowers, or making bread for dinner.

…Your homework is made up of adding to a scrapbook, working on a story, composing a new song on the piano, or emailing a friend a very long letter about life.

…Recess is your watch-the-baby time.

…You get at least two weeks off of school at Christmas and Easter.

…You can actually enjoy all the three months of summer- and more.

…You can afford to commit yourself to choir and drama, because your life isn’t school- it’s living.

…You can go to the beach for vacation in September- and, of course, be almost alone.

…You take ‘field trips’ to the greenhouse to buy garden plants, or downtown to run errands, or to the park to ride bikes and walk the dog.

…You can spend a whole evening playing chess- and your whole birthday with your family.

…You wonder how on earth the people do it who have track, swim, soccer, basketball, football, volleyball, and more- on top of hours of homework and a part-time job.

….Your whole family is there at dinner- and most of you for breakfast and lunch- and you spend the time talking faster than you eat about all you read and did in the day, to Dad.

…You don’t really have a schedule, or if you do you don’t always stick to it.

…You’re never really sure when it’s ‘lunch time’, and you eat at different times everyday- depending on when the baby naps, and how long History took.

…Friday can be ‘clean day’, and you can drop school.

…You don’t really start thinking about college until you’re out of highschool.

…People shake their heads and sigh, because of your lack of ‘freedom’, and you smile because you know they just don’t get it.

…Nobody knows who you are, and no one can remember your name.

…You don’t know any of the strange songs you hear people singing, or the song artists that fill the TV and radio channels, and stores’ music sections.

…Someone asks you what school you go to, and you can look them in the eye, and smile, and say: “I’m home-schooled.” -But you know that only other home-schoolers will understand what that really means to you. And then, not even all of them.


About homeschoolingpenny

Hi and welcome! My name is Penny and I used to live in Bahrain but In November 2012 moved to Dubai and now we live in Granada, Spain! If you want to contact me my email is I recommend you start my blog on 'Day 1' but please enjoy whatever you dip into. 23 February 2012 marked the first day of no more school FOREVER for my two kids. Edward, who is nearly 10 had attended a variety of schools since he was very little. Petra, who is now 6, has never gone to school. On this date we decided Edward was never going back to school and Petra never would go to school. We hope to successfully homeschool from this day forward, although we would consider an alternative school as an option- if there was some amazing Sudbury or other really alternative school. Actually, I prefer the term 'home learning' than 'homeschool' because I don't like to think of school coming into our home. In fact, I hope to go further and guide/learn alongside, rather than teach, my kids using the 'unschooling' philosophy to instill a lifelong love of learning in them. We lived in the Middle East and now Spain all of which are very challenging places to home educate. This is an exciting journey that I used to blog about regularly, at first it was on an almost daily basis. Please join me on our travels and I hope we might be able to help each other out along the way. I certainly hope I can be a source of support and comfort and, in time, knowledge to all potential/presently participating homeschoolers/home educators/unschoolers. Good luck to us all! If you want to read about why I started home educating, why I pulled my son out of a 'very good' private school mid-term, how I felt at the very start and how my philosophy has evolved, please start from 'Day 1' of the blog. Please do post comments at the end of any days that you read. Your opinion is valuable and it's great to start up debate amongst other people commenting too, however old the post. Thank you for visiting homeschoolingmiddleeast.
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  1. jo jory says:

    Love this! Thanks!

  2. I absolutely love this! Thanks for sharing!

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    I love this and thought I would share it. I hope you all enjoy! Thank you Penny at homeschoolingmiddleeast for this!

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